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Biopure 12 Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor
Product Details
BioPure series nucleic acid extractor is a set of highly automatic equipment integrating nucleic acid extraction and purification, adopts nano magnetic bead extraction method:
1/BioPure 12 can be used for nucleic acid extraction of 12 samples at a time, and can also be used for nucleic acid extraction of single or multiple samples.
2/BioPure 32 can extract nucleic acid from 32 samples at a time to meet the needs of nucleic acid extraction,
3/BioPure 96 can extract nucleic acids from up to 96 samples.

Instrument flux


Number of platform plates


Reagent type

Magnetic bead method open platform

volume of processing


heating temperature

At room temperature to 140 ºC

Volatile mix

1-8 is adjustable

Maximum stirring speed

Bidirectional 10HZ(10 times up and down in 1 second)


13 inch color display

Bead recovery


Purification between the hole difference

CV< 5%

Sample processing time

20-40min(depending on reagent and volume selected)

Program management

With new, edit and delete program functions

Data storage

Can store & gt; 500 groups of program

Extension mode

1 USB standard port, Ethernet

power supply

200-240 v100-120:50/60 hz

Exhaust way


weight of the


Low noise processing < 50db


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