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AutoFast automatic nucleic acid detection and analysis system
Features:Easy to operate, improve efficiency, fully automated
Product Details
Automatic nucleic acid detection and analysis system:

Fully enclosed detection design,avoid pollution 

Disposable detection cardbox design,each sample independent detection,avoid between samples

Fully automatic detection,truly realize the sample into the result
Nucleic acid extraction,nucleic acid detection automation,manual operation less than 1 minute,free hands and reduce manual error
Extremely high detection efficiency,detection time within 1.5 hour
This greatly reduces the time required by traditional PCR laboratory from sample processing to result out put
Provide quantitative detection results of concentration value, more professional and accurate
Support absolute quantification,relative quantification,isothermal amplification, genotyping,endpoint fluorescence analysis and other experimental functions
Product para:

Product Characteristics:
"Simple microvalve"and"micro channel"core technology Complete the free mixing and separation of the liquid Realize the integration,integration and simplicity of the detection platform

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