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Animal Husbandry Nucleic Acid Test Kit
Features:Quickly realize sample detection, integrate sampling, detection and data analysis, and operate easily
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APP test Kit

ASFV test Kit

CSFV test Kit

E. coli 0157 test Kit

Haemophilus parasui (HPS) test Kit

M. hyopneumoniae test Kit

PCV2 test Kit

PDCOV test Kit

PEDV test Kit

Porcine Parvovirus test Kit

PRRSV-CN test Kit

PRRSV-EU like test Kit

PRRSV-NA test Kit

Pseudorabies Virus (gB gene) test Kit

Pseudorabies Virus (gE gene)test Kit

Rotavirus A test Kit

Salmonella spp. test Kit

Streptococcus suis test Kit

Swine Influenza test Kit

TGEV test Kit

Toxoplasma test Kit


Avian Influenza H5 (American Lineage) test Kit

Avian Influenza H5 (Asian Lineage) test Kit

Avian Influenza H5 test Kit

Avian Influenza H7 test Kit

Avian Influenza H9 test Kit


Avian Influenza HP-H7 with insertion test Kit

Avian Influenza N9 test Kit

Avian metapneumovirus test Kit

CIAV test Kit

Fowl adenovirus serotype 4 test Kit

Fowl adenovirus serotype 8b

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